We are planning another Blue Obelisk meeting at the Spring meeting in San Francisco, which will be in memory of Warren Delano, who was still amongst us at the last meeting in Washington.

This time we go for Monday, after Harry’s party, around 7:00 pm. The place will be

La Briciola, 489 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107-1234, United States, (415) 512-0300

If you like to join, please let us know by emailing to

So far we’ve got confirmations from

  1. Rajarshi Guha
  2. Christoph Steinbeck
  3. Stefanie Steinbeck
  4. Noel O’Boyle
  5. Geoffrey Hutchison
  6. Peter Murray-Rust
  7. Rich Apodaca
  8. Jean-Claude Bradley
  9. Greg Landrum
  10. Moses Hohman
  11. Achim Zielesny
  12. Marcus Hanwell
  13. Gregor Fels
  14. John Overington
  15. Andrew Lang

We are looking forward to meeting you in San Francisco

Christoph Steinbeck